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Business buyers guides are aimed at providing business buyers with easy and informative approach to buying business related products and services in various different areas of interest.

Buyers guide to press releases for business growth.

Why do you need press releases to help your business to grow?

Do you remember the last time you were buying a product or service that you have never bought before. what was your first action?

For most of us, it is we ask Google or Alexa about it. We then research the topic and figure out what we are after and what is available in the market. Then based on this research we go out looking to buy the product or service that best fits our needs.

For businesses in innovative and new markets:

If we accept this as a modern person’s attitude. So now it might make good business sense to get the attention of our prospective buyers at the research stage. To do this, businesses need media coverage of their offerings. The press releases should prove beyond doubt that they are the best people to help prospective buyers.

For businesses in saturated and competitive markets:

The buyers may have good knowledge of the items they are buying. However, they may need to find different suppliers for the products or services that they need. Again, they may do the same research using modern-day search engines. So, it makes sense for businesses to have proper media coverage highlighting the products or services that they are offering.

For businesses in a nice market:

The buyer usually does deep research to identify the exact need-based solution provider. This attitude could again be served using excellent media coverage.

No matter how you see it, or at which stage of the business cycle your business is. Gaining proper media coverage could put you in right place at right time. One of the easiest methods of gaining media coverage in the modern-day online world is by hiring PR companies.

These Press Release agencies can not only write the press releases but also publish them on various websites. This could be a win-win situation for both the business as well as the consumer.

So how do you select the Press Releases agency (also known as PR Agency)?

In this buying guide, we are trying to compare some of the press release firms. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide for business marketeer and decision-makers to make an educated decision on how to use a Press Releases company for their best advantage. In this attempt, we are providing both a qualitative as well as financial approach. So, let us get started.

Press Releases

The first question is that what are you going to say about your product or services to the world.

Because having a well-crafted, professionally written, attention-grabbing press release is important. It increasing the probability that journalists, bloggers, or members of the media will further your story. It also is critical that you reach journalists with the proper tone that demonstrates you are professional.

There are many business owners out there who know plenty about their business and how to run it successfully. However, they may not have the communications skills for writing a press release. Or they do not have a dedicated staff member to whom they can delegate this key assignment. Often, they simply lack the time to devote to writing a press release.

So, a capable press release company should have a dedicated team. They can listen to what your business has to offer. They should convert it into a news article for your prospects to read with interest.

This would have a dedicated team of writers. These writters should write on a wide range of topics. Most important they should have written in your business sector. This becomes the first steppingstone to success.

Publish Your Story to the World | 24-7PressRelease

The distribution of your press releases

So now you have a shiny news article. What are you going to do with it? Well, you can spam all news agencies by sending this article. You can send it to a general email address like an editor at news– It may end up going to spam. Or if it does make it to the mailbox it may end up in the pile of never-read folders.

A capable Press Releases company must have a curated list of reporters, bloggers, and influencers. Those sources who would be interested in their press releases. They should have email directly to each specific person with your entire message, including your links and images.

This includes relationships with sources, so your release is highly likely to reach their inboxes. They should have trust and reputation (journalists respect editors).

How do you know that your press releases are published?

The best PR companies will give you the proof of publication. This can be a live link or photographic proof, or any appropriate evidence based on your medium. So, to complete the loop your PR company must provide you with solid evidence of your news article being published.

How much does it cost for press releases?

Of course, price consideration is going to play a key part in buying decisions. So, It is worth considering the fact that cut-price competitors may not have the reach needed for the press release to be placed in the right place. They may just send over your press releases to some email addresses.

So do consider your budget, but be real with what you expect from it. Think of the complete project cost. Think of all items including

  • Cost to write the press release
  • The distribution cost of your press releases
  • The cost of follow-up and getting the releases published

One more area that a press release is going to help you with is your search engine optimisation. If you put the budget for the backlinks into the press release and try to weigh the pros and cons you may find a proper press release agency can work out a lot more in your favour.

Like all other marketing activities press releases may help companies build brand. They may also help companies looking to raise capital. Use are unlimited so keeping a budget of about £500 for the entire project may help.

Start your search for PR companies

Because a buyer’s guide would have been incomplete if we could not provide you recommendations. These recommendations can fit into our criteria as mentioned above. So, please find below a few most reputed press release agencies that can help you grow your business.


eReleases offers premium press release writing and distribution services. This includes a comprehensive newswire transmission over PR Newswire’s first-class, Tier-1 newswire, which is the oldest, most respected, and largest newswire of press releases. Prior to the creation of PR Newswire in 1954, companies and organizations sending out press releases had to messenger or mail individual copies to journalists and media outlets. Since then, tens of millions have gone into developing its infrastructure and transmission services. This includes a dedicated newswire, Internet, satellite, and fax network. As if those aren’t enough reasons to love eReleases, there’s this: NO commissions and NO sales pressure – just great advice from experienced writers and editors!

24-7 Press Release

Launched in 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire changed the landscape of the press release distribution industry. They offer affordable, effective press release distribution to businesses of all sizes looking to increase their online presence, awareness & visibility.

24-7 Press Release Newswire assists clients by disseminating their press release news to online media, print media, journalists, and bloggers while also making their press release available for pickup by search engines and of course our very own Media Desk for journalists.

They supports businesses in building brand awareness, increasing visibility on the web and enhancing exposure through social media.

They have a database of more than 50,000 members and has distributed nearly a half million press releases.

Why not see some more of our buyers guides may be they could help your business.

Hope you like over article. We wish it helps you make the right decision on hiring the press release agency. Please feel free to provide your valuable comments.

Thank you!

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