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CP965 Conference Phone – Teams

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A Whole Series of Teams Voice Devices Covering Multiple ScenariosN/AN/ADeliver Microsoft Teams ExperienceN/AFrom Desktop to Conference RoomN/AYealink CP965 Team Edition is the flagship conference phone and is fully compatible with Teams functions including Teams key calling meeting features and Outlook calendar providing a rich and talented ecosystem. You can enjoy a tap-to-join experience by syncing the Outlook calendar for meeting schedules. Based on Android 11 the Teams user interface is reconciled to strike a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. N/AN/AGame-changing Audio PresenceN/AImmersive Conversation EnvironmentN/AInside the stunning appearance a set of powerful technology and professional components are wrapped to boost the CP965 with best-in-class audio performance. The 13-microphone array is elaborately positioned in every “foot” and the center of CP965 to assure omnidirectional voice pickup and effective noise-cancellation. Attendees from every corner of the room can hear and be heard with equitable clarity.N/AN/AAlgorithm of IntelligenceN/AEngineered for ProductivityN/ADiving into the audio communication field for more than 20 years Yealink has developed a series of acoustic technology such as Smart Noise Filtering Optimal HD audio and Noise Proof Technology to eliminate all distracting sounds. The next-generation technology powered by solid processing performance significantly improves the audio quality in collaboration. The exchange of verbal messages can be more productive than ever.N/AN/AEfficient Provisioning and ManagementN/AThe CP965 is coupled with Yealink efficient auto-provisioning mechanism including phone deployment and configuration. Administrators can take advantage of centralized deployment management and updates. CP965 also supports other device management platforms including Microsoft and Unify Square Device Management Platform.


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